La savonnerie s'engage dans vos projets solidaires !

The soap factory is committed to your solidarity projects!

The POM soap factory is committed to the territory. In order to reinforce this commitment, we have decided, each year, to finance and support a solidarity project.

In order to offer everyone the possibility of benefiting from this support, from the year 2023, we will launch one call for projects per year. We will then be able to have greater visibility of existing projects and needs in the territory.

Each project will pass in committee and a vote will be carried out within the office in order to choose which project will be retained.

2022 is a special year since we have just created POM, but we still want to contribute to a solidarity project. This is why, this year, we have chosen to support a local hospital and more particularly its pediatric department.

Bringing our support and our help to improving the living environment of hospitalized children is a project that was decided unanimously. We wish, on our scale, to bring a little happiness to these children who bravely face the trials of their lives.

Eléonore and Angélique went to meet the pediatrics manager, and were able to learn more about the needs of hospitalized children.

Our support will therefore take the form of sports and digital equipment. A ceremony to hand over these donations will be organized at the end of 2022.

You can follow the progress of our project on our Facebook page and our Instagram account!

Do you want to propose a low-cost project that could perhaps be carried out at the same time as the project chosen by the jury? Contact us at the following email address:

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