Why did La Savonnerie Rémoise become POM?

POM is the evolution of Savonnerie Rémoise. In fact, it's a bit like a second and better version of the soap factory. In this article, we explain everything!

Eléonore returned to Meuse following her studies and wanted to improve the soap factory project while involving her family members. In addition to that, she wanted the soap factory to have a real impact for the inhabitants of the territory. This is why the soap factory has become a solidarity association!

Our values have also evolved with this change: before, Eléonore focused on respect for the environment, health and animals. But today, we are happy that these values are spreading and growing. This association status allows us to focus more on new relational, social and solidarity values.

As you will have understood, our economic model has also changed. Indeed, the arrival of Simple Soap will allow everyone to benefit from artisanal and local soaps at rikiki prices. This is a huge step for us because this project was close to our hearts.

Finally, buying your cosmetics at POM is not only supporting a local craft association, it is also supporting solidarity projects.

From now on, POM will support at least one project per year, which will have a real impact for the inhabitants of the territory.

Finally, POM has evolved a lot in recent months. But by the way, come and visit us in the workshop-boutique, we also sell upcycled clothes!

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Toutes nos créations sont élaborées à la main dans notre atelier-boutique.


Nous garantissons l'usage d'ingrédients naturels, durables et respectueux de l'environnement.


Nos quelques emballages sont 100% réutilisables ou compostables.


Nous consacrons 100% de nos bénéfices au financement de projets sociaux, environnementaux et solidaires.

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