Qui sommes-nous ?

Who are we ?

POM is an association that unites our family around a solidarity project! But who are we?

- The big sister -

Eléonore is the president. She first created La Savonnerie Rémoise: a zero-waste artisanal soap factory. Nice concept at the start but not sufficiently developed for her taste, she decides to take over everything by creating an association when she returns to Meuse following her studies. This is how she embarks Angélique, Frédéric and Emma on her adventure. The objective: to become anchored in the social and solidarity economy and to give itself the means to carry out social, environmental and solidarity projects thanks to the manufacture of cosmetics.

- The mother -

Angelique is the treasurer of POM. She knows the soap factory very well, since she participated in the partnership with BirchBox in October 2021 when La Savonnerie Rémoise still existed. It is therefore quite naturally that Angélique wanted to continue the adventure. But above all, with the opening of our workshop-boutique within Montmédy itself, Angélique sees both a unique opportunity to carry out projects with the public she knows well, but also to live an epic family adventure! With 8 years of experience in the social and cultural field, Angélique is particularly familiar with the difficulties encountered by the inhabitants of the territory and their needs.

- The dad -

Frédéric is a computer specialist: nothing escapes him, that's why he is vice-president in charge of digital! Within POM, Frédéric is in charge of the development and monitoring of GDPR compliance, the development of the website and the management of digital “logistics” (server management, domain name, etc.). Frédéric advises all members of the association on the procedures to be put in place to be efficient on the web.

- The little sister -

Emma is the artistic touch that the association needs: modeling of the shop, creation of windows, but above all: upgrading of clothes! Emma is a wonder-woman who studies at the Condé School of Art and Design in Nancy.

Emma's goal is simple: thanks to her passion, she would like to show that second-hand clothes can be modified to be modernized, and thus offer an alternative to fast-fashion.

Do you want to learn more about us? Stop by the workshop-boutique at 9 rue du Luxembourg, 55600 Montmédy!

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