Saponification à froid & fabrication locale

Cold saponification & local manufacturing

Eléonore, a trained soap maker, has been making 100% natural cold-saponified soaps that respect animal welfare since 2019. Indeed, none of the soaps are tested on animals, in accordance with European regulations, but they do not contain either more animal-derived products.

Recently, she has been making soaps in collaboration with Angélique, the mother. The entire production is carried out in the workshop-boutique located in Montmédy.

Because there is a difference between producing soaps for personal consumption and for marketing, Eléonore and Angélique took 2 training courses. The first is dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of cold saponified natural soaps. The second is dedicated to regulations and standards of good manufacturing practices.

But what is cold saponification?


It is a total reaction between oil, water and soda. This reaction takes place at room temperature, hence the name “cold”, and by mixing for several minutes. The fact that it is a total reaction is very important: it means that there is no longer any trace of soda in the finished soap. Indeed, it reacts completely with the oil to form soap and glycerin. Finally, it is possible to add other fatty substances to the paste: this is the case with our simple soap, which contains carnauba wax. This hardens it and makes it last longer! The advantage of cold saponification is that the oil retains most of its properties.

The mixture is then poured into moulds. It is after 48 hours that Eléonore and Angélique cut them out to let them dry for 4 to 6 weeks.

You will understand: each soap is made, cut, packaged but also sold in Montmédy. Each member of the family contributes: Eléonore and Angélique are in production, Emma sews complementary products and Frédéric manages the digital aspects of the soap factory.

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