Where are the company's soaps made?

They are all entirely made in our workshop-boutique at 9 rue du Luxembourg, 55600 Montmédy (Meuse).

What are the basic ingredients?

To make a soap, you have to mix soda, water and oil.

Is soda not toxic?

Soda is basically corrosive to the skin. However, when mixed with water and oil, its molecules turn into soap and glycerin molecules. This reaction is called saponification. In the end, we can talk about basic ingredients, but the composition of the soap corresponds to saponified oils and glycerin.

Are your soaps tested on animals?

No. European regulations prohibit any testing of cosmetics on animals. Our products are therefore not tested on animals. Wanting to go even further in respecting the animal world, we have chosen to use only vegetarian products. Indeed, we believe that animals are not concerned by the cosmetics market. That's why you won't find beeswax, honey, milk, eggs or animal oil in our soaps.

Do you use plastic in your packaging?

Our packaging does not contain any plastic at all, as this does not correspond to our commitment to sustainable development. The plastic generated by the packaging of raw materials is recyclable.

Are your oils and butters cold extracted?

Our oils and butters are all cold extracted and unrefined. This makes it possible to obtain soaps whose properties of the ingredients have been preserved during the saponification reaction.